12 June 2015

Life On Instagram

1. I went to Shoryu for the first time. There's so much fuss about this place and I'm not sure why. The broth was very oily and salty and left me gulping down glasses of water. It's a standard bowl of ramen, definitely not the mouth watering, best ramen ever that I'v heard people describe it as.
2. I have been wearing my glasses more. Hayfever + pregnancy dry eyes = dry contacts.
3. I found my 'mummy handbag'. I haven't bought it yet just incase I see one I like more but this Philip Lim could well be the one. Big, stylish, comfy and more importantly, hands-free.
4. I attended my friends wedding last weekend, it was beautiful. I wore this ASOS maternity dress which was still a little big since my bump wasn't big enough to fill out the extra fabric but it sure was comfy!
5. A wall of heaven...
6. I was craving a decent meal after the disappointing Shoryu so my sister and I went to Chinatown for dinner. I got my fix.
7. Bridesmaid and Usher at our friends wedding in Paphos, Cyprus. We had a great time.
8. Final wedding of the year, I wore the same ASOS maternity dress but in a different colour.

That was me for the past 3 weeks. What have you been up to? 


  1. Your makeup is so pretty is the last photo Suzi and I love the ASOS Maternity dress on you! I attended 2 weddings last month and I have mine coming up in August :)

    Hanh x | hanhabelle

  2. Agree - Shoryu isn't authentic and I don't rate their 'baos' either. So far, Kanada-ya is my favourite but the queues can be ridiculous. Ah the Lim! I love the Phillip Lim rucksacks. I like the Proenza ones but the Phillip Lim one is much roomier. I hope you buy it, it's super stylish! x

  3. love your photos, Suzi ^_^
    Can't wait to see more of your baby bump!

    Lauren xx | laurlauu

  4. I love a good instagram round up! You look fab! X

    Bioderma Blogger Event over at-

  5. i followed u on ig, gosh you're so pretty, as always ! :D

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