New In: Tory Burch Robinson Makeup Bag

20 June 2013

SALE season? Oh yes!! 

I came across this beautiful periwinkle coloured makeup bag on the Tory Burch website and I just had to have it. Im a sucker when it comes to makeup bag's, I have several, yet never quite satisfied. I think this may cure my habit, it's my favourite colour, it's a great size, it's leather and it's SO PRETTY! The laser cut trim really makes it that extra special. It was reduced from £150 to £75, still pretty steep but worth it in my opinion. 

What do you think?


  1. It's so lovely! But the price... ouch!

  2. Oh nice! I do love Tory Burch and I'm so happy she's starting to get more and more popular on this side of the pond!

    Are you going to IMATS by any chance? Would be nice to catch up!

    Elodie x

  3. it's so pretty! *-* the color's amazing! :)

    love, chris.

  4. This is such a fantastic bag!
    <3 Carolyn

  5. Super cute! Making me want it :)

  6. Looks so beautiful but a bit pricey.

    Kah-Feh Yen

  7. The bag looks so cute! And the colour is just GORGEOUS!


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