My Favourite Orange Lipsticks

18 June 2013

Revlon Lip Butter Tutti Fruitti* | MAC Ravishing | MAC Morange | Canmake Misty Orange | Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Rendezvouz*

Revlon Rendezvouz | Revlon Lip Butter Tutti Fruitti | Canmake Misty Orange | MAC Ravishing | MAC Morange

Whenever I look for a lipstick, I automatically gravitate towards colours that include orange tones. I find that this tone suits my pale complexion the best, it brings my lack-lustre face to life. Even when I'm looking for a red lipstick, I tend to go for those with orange tones too, a nice tomato shade to join my ever growing orange lipstick army. I picked out my ultimate favourites, ones I wear on a daily basis and one's I would recommend to anyone with my kind of skin tone (MAC NC20/25 for reference). There all different in tones, but still orange. I tend to wear the Revlon ones on casual days, you know, not much time to perfect the lip sort of day. Misty Orange is for smokey eyes as it's more demure and muted. Ravishing has been in my collection since like forever! It's a great everyday colour, easy to wear and long lasting, it's my favourite MAC finish too, cremesheen! Morange is a POW in your face kind of orange, definitely one to wear with less eye make-up, fearing it may be too much with full eye paint. 
Of course, MAC have just launched a summer collection, which is all about orange! ORGASM! Not really, but I am very excited indeed! Pretty sure my army will be getting bigger. 

What are your favourite orange toned lipsticks? Do share, I am sure my army needs more friends. 


  1. I loved the Canmake one ♥
    I think peachy lipsticks look so gorgeous on you, Suzi *-*

  2. MAC Ravishing looks so nice! :)
    I have the MAC Coral Bliss, it's a kinda coral one more than orange, but I really like it :))


  3. i have the revlon lip butter and i love it! :) oranges and corals are really the best colours for spring and summer :D x

  4. I love Revlon Rendezvouz too :)

  5. I think i Never own any orange color lipstick but i quite like the peach color lipstick;)
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  6. I like orange lipsticks as well, I tried the Revlon lipbutter and I really love it^^ xx

  7. My favorite is the Morange one! :)

    Love, Chrizzie ♡

  8. They all look lovely! :) I love the canmake one!
    I have a coral/orangy lipstick from the YSL rouge couture line which is number #15 extreme coral and it's super pretty!


  9. I love morange :)

  10. I love orange lipstick and just got tutti frutti two days ago and have been slathering it on my lips constantly!

  11. The Canmake one looked really nice. You might like MAC Lady danger. It's a red lipstick but it has orange tones to it (I can't describe things well haha).

  12. I love MAC's Ablaze and the Dior Addict Extreme lipstick in Diablotine. I'm the same as you when it comes to finding red lipsticks because I am about an NC 15 and I'm Cantonese. I just posted swatches on my blog and these two lipsticks have been living in my makeup bag for the whole month!

    1. My blog is if you would like to see the swatches =)

  13. I love orange lipsticks, I have the two Revlon ones you mentioned above but they just don't seem to work on my Indian skin, its really frustrating! You're so lucky they look lovely on you :)

  14. I'm loving orange tones right now too. Recently bought a Dior Addict in "on the beach" which is perf!!!!


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