13 June 2013

Jessica Simpson Kadi Nude Platforms

Whilst browsing several shoes sites in search for a perfect summer nude heel, I came across these Kadi's. I never knew Jessica Simpson had her own show line nor did I ever think I would be the one purchasing something from her collection! I always find it hard to discover a great nude heel because they all seem to be of similar style, a nude court, open toe or closed, they all look the same to me! I did fall in love with these though and just had to have! I love the contrast between the upper leather and the patent platform and in real life, they look so much more expensive! 
If you're not normally a heel kind of girl, approach with caution because these are even higher than my JC Lits's!! and those are high... I literally feel 6ft tall in these! I'm really looking forward to wearing these, I already have a few weddings lined up. They were in the sale for £39 (reduced from £90). I got them from the Kurt Geiger website however House of Fraser sell them too.

What do you think? 



  1. pretty! i like the pinky-nude colour! it's great that the platform is pretty high too...makes it easier to walk in!

    Laura x


  2. I'm from the U.S. and Jessica Simpson shoes are very popular. She has a great line, but they are all very high heels! As you would guess, they are much cheaper here, though. Maybe you need to make a visit to America :)

  3. I love love the colour, I bet they look really pretty on! ^-^

    I'm still looking for my perfect pair of nude shoes. Didn't know about JS having a line either O_O I'll definitely go and look for them when I'm in the US xD Thanks for letting us europeans know *mwah*

  5. Love these shoes! Just bought these for prom how quickly did you recieve yours? I need mine before thursday =(

  6. I love your style, you are very beautiful, congratulations and kisses from Spain.

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  7. Love this shoe

  8. i super love it
    i wish JS plan to put up her line here in Asia

  9. oh those heels are really cute! i love them! haha i almost wanna go out and grab a pair for myself. but i should restrain my spending habits just a bit. hehehe.

    xoxo Sarah

  10. WOOWW!! That was a very beautiful shoes!! I hope I can find a shoes like that on stores. I would love to use it on my wedding.

    Irene Jennings (Seattle Divorce Attorneys)

  11. wow! that is very high! looks beautiful though! don't think i could pull it off haha >_<


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