My Most Worn Winter Things

15 January 2013

Hi Lovelies,
Today I am showing you guys my most worn winter items. I decided to film it in a different way today, thought it would be more interesting than sat taking for 5 minutes? =) Hope you likey! xxx

The Questions

1. Most Worn Nail Polish? 
2. Most Used Hair Products? 
3. Most Worn Bag?
4. Most Worn Shoes? 
5. Most Worn Accessories? 
6. Most Worn Clothing Item?
7. Most Worn Foundation?
8. Most Worn Blush/Bronzer?
9. Most Worn Lip Product?
10. Most Worn Mascara?


  1. Great video! Love the way you've filmed it differently!

    You previously mentioned that you're trying out Hanskin BB creams? Would love a review on them once you get the chance! x

  2. Super! Thanks for the tips ^o^

  3. I love the batiste products.


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