Spring Summer 2012

9 January 2012

Ever since I went behind the scenes of their SS2012 product shoot, I have been lusting after numerous amounts of items and now I can finally say that have had their SS2012 delivery! *throws a party* OK slight exaggeration but no joke, I am over the moon! Here are my picks, just look at that Yellow Shift Dress, gorgeous! and also looking a lot more expensive than it really is! Find all items here.

What have you got your eye on?


  1. Loving that Parka! x

  2. Ooh i am loving those jeans. I must get them!

  3. Nice collection

  4. oooh I've never heard of them before. I really love those multizip jeans. I have such a thing for jeans and zippers. Have you seen the ones from Zara?
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. That cream/black collared dress is beautiful!

  6. Spring clothes never look good on me :( hopefully this year is different :)

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