Brand of the week: Spell Designs

posted on: 1 April 2011

I am in LOVE with this jewelry label. The feathers, the leather and everything else about it! Unfortunately I cannot find any stockists within the UK. Ever see this label? please do let me know.


Before someone questions, no I was not sponsored to promote this brand. I just came across it randomly and it captured me. Sharing is caring ^^


  1. Love the jewelry, the promo pics are awesome too x

  2. Love these images and their stuff looks so unique and so my style! Thanks for sharing xoxo

  3. I love the first outfit !

  4. Hey there gorgeous!!! I love your style, your make-up, your hair everything!!! I checked-out this label and it was stunning....but way too expensive, I mean I would have to spend my whole month salary just for one bag or even worse!!! For example I loved the leather bag with the two Pegasus on it and it costs almost 1000$. I mean wtf!! And of course some things you can make it yourself with less than 5 euros or 4 British pounds!! What is your opinion? Should products be so expensive even when the company uses cheap materials?

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