28 October 2009

Halloween Look attempt 1

Can you guess what my costume will be? ^_^

Well tonight I sat down and actually made an attempt at a halloween look, I am attending a house party on Saturday night, so not much time left.

I decided to do a look where I won't look out of place yet still slightly daring. There will be people I don't know too so I didn't want to be the 'drag queen' at the party eek.

I will be replacing the black pearls with black swarvoski crystals for more of a bling bling =)

be honest, be critical, let me know what I should keep and what I should change =)


  1. Eyes are simply PERFECT in my opinion but I think maybe go for a darker red for the lips? x

  2. I LOVE it. Maybe if the lips weren't as glossy. :)

    Good job though! I wouldn't mind watching a tutorial on this :3

  3. i think the lips should be black with a hint of bloody red in the middle. the eyes overall are awesome. i'm not really feeling the jewels on the side of your eye but if it goes with a costume you got then go for it.

  4. Queen of hearts from Alice in Wonderland? hahahaah I love the makeup it's not too over the top but enough to be distinct. But then again your lips looks real geisha like.... so... maybe u'll be a geisha? hahahahah I would love to see the whole look on you with the outfit hahahaha

  5. haha aw thank you all for your feedback..

    I am the queen of hearts! hence the heart stuck on my face LOL
    I will reconsider the lips since so many people said it looks geisha like.. =p

    Thanks a bunch lovelies..

  6. Wow love this look, you look amazing! The eyes & lips are gorgeous!

    <3 xox

  7. ya ur lips looks really great. It must be really hard to conceal and color ur lips. do show us ur overall outfit + makeup for that night!

  8. I'm guessing queen of hearts as well! C: Looks great! I can't wait to see your costume~

  9. I love the makeup. It is really amazing

  10. I'm loving the eye makeup,it's totally hot!

  11. wow really awesome!!! great job, i wish i could do makeup like u, you r just such a pro !! :] love the look

  12. The lips aren't geisha-ish. If you watch the new alice in wonderland trailer, you'll see she does her lips like this.

    I love the look! maybe a darker color, but its all up to you since its your face! Can't wait to see a full costume :D

  13. love the colours on your eyes!! love it love it!
    yeah, i agree with the lips colour, maybe go a bit darker and more matte... but i like the lips look how you conceal the sides hehehe...

    awesome!! keep it up!


  14. ooh! you look lovely! the lips are so cute! it does remind me of a geisha but the new alice in wonderland queen of hearts has similar lips as well! so have you decided on what you are going to wear?

  15. Love your makeup!!

    What about changing the jewels to tears drop?

  16. loveee the red shadow =)
    looks great on you

  17. Oh wow! I love this!
    Hmmm you could extend the red blush towards your cheek bones

  18. o damn my post didn't submit.. =(

    anyway very nicely done..! u'll def stand out but not in a ghoulish/drag queen-y way :)
    love it..!
    btw i really like the hot pink shadow on your lids...(and side of face?) what brand/shade is it?? just curious..dun think i'll be daring enough to purchase/use it =P the color's so vibrant though.. i like it

  19. Looks amazing hunni. Your product of the week on your blog is spot on as well.

  20. yay! thats how Im going to be dress! :) Queen of hearts! I bought some fake lashes with red on the tips, the shadow will be a black smokey eye and i was considered the lips heart, with very white lip pencil over my lip and with the heart, a red/ rouge lip liner to make the heart <3 and one of my cheek i was considered a little heart with eyepencil.......anyway i will post you the pics went i dress as the queennn lol :)
    take care!!! <3


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