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4 Quick and Healthy Snack Ideas

7 July 2014

Turkey Wraps - A great alternative to your usual wraps. No bloating, easier to digest and a great party platter!

Waterproof Eyebrow Routine

28 June 2014

Whether you're at the gym, lounging by the pool or simply having a holiday in hot weather, we all want our makeup to last. For me, eyebrows are the most important, they frame the face. I can happily go out without any foundation, lippy or eyeliner but when it comes to brows? just no. I wasn't blessed with full and luscious eyebrows so I ALWAYS have to fill them in before I leave the house - or else I look plain scary. It's taken me years to perfect my eyebrow shape and technique and for summer, I just stepped it up and made them waterproof. Check it out! :)