11 December 2016

How To Save Time During Christmas

It's that time of the year again, time to put up the Christmas tree, play your favourite festive song, write the never ending presents list and plan how you'll be spending Christmas Day.  For most and certainly for me, December is the busiest month of the year. Office parties, shopping for a new outfit, picking out presents, festive gatherings, the list is never ending... and very time consuming. But Christmas doesn't have to take up all of your December, here are four ways to save time (and maybe some money) during this exciting yet stressful time - which means... more snuggles in bed and plenty of hot chocolate time. 


4 December 2016


Vlogmas has started! Whoooooooooop! 

This year I decided to upload vlogmas on my main channel instead of my vlog channel. The reason being... I simply can't keep up with two channels, especially when I am required to log every day. December is a very busy month already and the last thing I want is to feel stressed over uploading vlogs. If you fancy following us during our crazy December then click below and enjoy watching! 


25 October 2016

What Sundays Are For

Sunday. My favourite day of the week. For me, it's strictly a switch off and relax kind of day. When Tommy has a day off work, we like to spend it together - outdoors. Whether it's simple lunch or a stroll through the shops, we get to enjoy a day out as a family. Aiden has started walking too - the perfect time to polish his wobbly little drunk person walk. It also gave me the opportunity to wear my new coat which I picked up in New Look the other day - it was £35! Such a bargain. You can check it out HERE. If you want to see more of our family time, I am currently doing VLOGTOBER on Youtube.

1 September 2016

5 Mummy Tips - How To Always Be Prepared

1. Now that my little one is weaning, I find it very time consuming to cook everyday - which is what I did for two and a half months. Instead, I now make enough for 2 portions, store it and put it in the fridge - ready for tomorrow. This has saved me so much time and instead, allows me more play time with my little one.

2. Invest in a portable changing mat. Like the one in my video below, this has done wonders in terms of being prepared and organised. No longer am I rummaging through my bag looking for the nappy, and the wipes, then the disposable changing mat. A portable changing mat allows you to have everything in one place, just make sure it's a wipe clean one for convenience.

3. Plan the night before. Write a checklist. From things you have to do the next day to that supermarket shop. Mummy brain is no joke so waking up with a clear mind and day ahead already planned is important. There are tonnes of notepads out there that cater for this but if you're not fussy like me, a good old pen and notepad will do. I've already wrote down my checklist for our holiday next month.

4. Carry a bottle of Aptamil Follow-on Milk with you. Aidens not drinking a lot of follow on milk during the day, since he's on three meals of solids but he still needs his daily intake. He's rather fussy too, carrying these bottles ensure I have follow on milk ready to drink immediately.

5. Keep a spare set of everything in your car! I can't tell you how many times I have arrived at a destination to realise I have left something. In my boot I always have spare blankets, one thick and one thin, UK weather changes super quick. Spare toys, teethers, pacifiers, wet wipes and nappies. This way, I am always prepared.

Theres nothing worse than not being prepared, motherhood itself is pretty demanding and the last thing you want is a headache. Below I show you exactly what I pack on a day out with Aiden - A bonus VLOG too.

Also! Mummy's take note, Aptamil will be having a #childcarechecklist Twitter hour at TBC on 24th August. Join in and share tips and tricks on being prepared. 

In partnership with Aptamil Follow-On Milk

17 August 2016

Daytime Fierce Eyes #Killereyes

Want wearable day time fierce eyes? It only takes 5 simple steps. Here I show you one of my favourite fierce femme fatale looks and thanks to Loreal Volume Million Lashes Fatale, I can ditch my falsies.  It instantly plumps and thickens my lashes. 

Are you Flirty Fatale, Fierce Fatale, or Feminine Fatale? Share your #killereye selfie and #winktowin!

Collaboration with Loreal

2 August 2016

It's been a while...

It's been a while since I blogged. My excuse is, I haven't found the balance yet. The balance between being a mum, a wife, a blogger, a you tuber and so on. I thought I could take it all on board but this month especially, I have been finding it hard. Aiden is more active, crawling every chance he gets - so now my eyes are literally on him at all times, especially since we have a very affectionate dog who loves teasing him! He's now climbing and standing with support, I am so proud of him yet terrified at the same time. I filmed a day in the life earlier, this pretty much sums up my life right now. But I wouldn't change it for anything, I have never felt more content and happy.

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