17 January 2017

January 2017 Want List

It seems like forever since I've last posted a 'want' list. I love doing these little posts because it gives me motivation and reminds me what my next purchase should be. Here are 7 things I REALLY want
right now. It doesn't help that four of these items have been out of stock since what seems like forever. Here's the breakdown...

This has been out of stock for so long, so much so I decided to purchase the Kylie Burgundy palette instead - which I love but still, I long for this one. I'm really loving the warm burnt oranges and red hues that are doing the rounds right now. 

11 January 2017

New Year Resolutions

New Year New me? Gym 3X a week? Pahhh. I'm old enough to know that those type of resolutions don't last, we don't change overnight. But here are some resolutions I think I can keep on top of.

1. Sleep less. Ok, I don't mean actually sleep less, I'm still working, a full time mum and a housewife if that sounds possible  - so I need all the sleep I can get but what I need to do is stay out of bed unless it's bedtime. I quite often find myself taking afternoon naps when Aiden does. It eats  into my day and throws me off my productiveness. I shall stop doing that.


6 January 2017

Instagram Makeup - Kylie Jenner Burgundy Palette

This is the makeup I've been wearing a lot for my Instagram selfies. The colours are perfect for Winter and the overall look is so me, very warm toned. If you want to recreate this look or simply find out what products I used, Youtube video is below.


Marble Mules

Oh January Sales... how you spoil me. Last week I had a spare 30 minutes to ponder around the shops. Walking past River Island, a shop I don't often take notice of - I saw these babies on the sale rack, by the door, staring straight at me. Upon trying them on, I knew straight away I had to have them. They're bloody gorgeous and the best part was... reduced to £20. Yup, you read write, these real leather shoes are a real bargain and well, you know. Marble print? LOVE. Definitely my bargain of the month. I believe they still have some in stock HERE

(by the way, I shopped a decent amount of sale and a Youtube Haul video should be up soon)


1 January 2017

Christmas 2016

Christmas came and gone just like that. It's been 5 days since but for some reason, I'm still in my Christmas procrastinating mood. This year, we spent Christmas at my parents in Hull (yes, that's where the accent is from). Driving towards the Humber Bridge will always be one of the best feelings ever - I love being at home. This Christmas went especially quick since each day was packed with activities (and lots of food). We drove home in time for Christmas Eve, in which we went for a family meal out - twice. We spent the afternoon as a family of three in Prezzo (which was delish) and an evening family dinner with the rest of my family - stuffed wasn't the word. Christmas day was a morning spent opening presents, chilling, eating everything in sight and then early dinner at my brothers, who put on a pretty impressive feast. Boxing day was another feasting day, we woke up pretty late, visited some friends then returned home for hot pot (my mums fave) followed by a few games of Pie Face, Mahjong, Blackjack and Jenga. It was great to spend time with everyone - my favourite thing to do and the highlight at Christmas. We drove back on the 27th and ever since then, I've been feeling blue. A lot of online shopping, hot green teas and naps have happened (Coffee and Aiden haven't caught up on sleep yet too!).


11 December 2016

How To Save Time During Christmas

It's that time of the year again, time to put up the Christmas tree, play your favourite festive song, write the never ending presents list and plan how you'll be spending Christmas Day.  For most and certainly for me, December is the busiest month of the year. Office parties, shopping for a new outfit, picking out presents, festive gatherings, the list is never ending... and very time consuming. But Christmas doesn't have to take up all of your December, here are four ways to save time (and maybe some money) during this exciting yet stressful time - which means... more snuggles in bed and plenty of hot chocolate time. 

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