1 September 2016

5 Mummy Tips - How To Always Be Prepared

1. Now that my little one is weaning, I find it very time consuming to cook everyday - which is what I did for two and a half months. Instead, I now make enough for 2 portions, store it and put it in the fridge - ready for tomorrow. This has saved me so much time and instead, allows me more play time with my little one.

2. Invest in a portable changing mat. Like the one in my video below, this has done wonders in terms of being prepared and organised. No longer am I rummaging through my bag looking for the nappy, and the wipes, then the disposable changing mat. A portable changing mat allows you to have everything in one place, just make sure it's a wipe clean one for convenience.

3. Plan the night before. Write a checklist. From things you have to do the next day to that supermarket shop. Mummy brain is no joke so waking up with a clear mind and day ahead already planned is important. There are tonnes of notepads out there that cater for this but if you're not fussy like me, a good old pen and notepad will do. I've already wrote down my checklist for our holiday next month.

4. Carry a bottle of Aptamil Follow-on Milk with you. Aidens not drinking a lot of follow on milk during the day, since he's on three meals of solids but he still needs his daily intake. He's rather fussy too, carrying these bottles ensure I have follow on milk ready to drink immediately.

5. Keep a spare set of everything in your car! I can't tell you how many times I have arrived at a destination to realise I have left something. In my boot I always have spare blankets, one thick and one thin, UK weather changes super quick. Spare toys, teethers, pacifiers, wet wipes and nappies. This way, I am always prepared.

Theres nothing worse than not being prepared, motherhood itself is pretty demanding and the last thing you want is a headache. Below I show you exactly what I pack on a day out with Aiden - A bonus VLOG too.

Also! Mummy's take note, Aptamil will be having a #childcarechecklist Twitter hour at TBC on 24th August. Join in and share tips and tricks on being prepared. 

In partnership with Aptamil Follow-On Milk

17 August 2016

Daytime Fierce Eyes #Killereyes

Want wearable day time fierce eyes? It only takes 5 simple steps. Here I show you one of my favourite fierce femme fatale looks and thanks to Loreal Volume Million Lashes Fatale, I can ditch my falsies.  It instantly plumps and thickens my lashes. 

Are you Flirty Fatale, Fierce Fatale, or Feminine Fatale? Share your #killereye selfie and #winktowin!

Collaboration with Loreal

2 August 2016

It's been a while...

It's been a while since I blogged. My excuse is, I haven't found the balance yet. The balance between being a mum, a wife, a blogger, a you tuber and so on. I thought I could take it all on board but this month especially, I have been finding it hard. Aiden is more active, crawling every chance he gets - so now my eyes are literally on him at all times, especially since we have a very affectionate dog who loves teasing him! He's now climbing and standing with support, I am so proud of him yet terrified at the same time. I filmed a day in the life earlier, this pretty much sums up my life right now. But I wouldn't change it for anything, I have never felt more content and happy.

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