River Island A/W 2014 Picks

20 September 2014

Khaki Printed Strappy Cami | Khaki Floral JoggersBlack Chiffon Hem Slip Dress | Black Double Strap SandalsDark Pink Oversized Coat | Black Cut Out Ankle Boots | Black Leather Pencil Skirt | Grey Mohair Crop Jumper | Amelie Jeans 

I stopped shopping at River Island when they decided to stick their logo on everything and the entire shop was glaring back at me with neon and sequins. But River Island has done a 360 turn around and season after season, I find them getting stronger and stronger. They definitely have a strong game this season and if you've picked up this months Elle magazine (UK), you can get a 20% discount! Definitely time to stock up my Autumn gear.

The Beauty Scenario TAG

What would you do?

Warehouse Picks for Autumn 2014

17 September 2014

Another brand I grew u wearing, Warehouse is a hit or miss for me. There are times I see nothing I like and times were I want the entire shop. This season is one of those I want everything moments. They've really brought their game this Autmnn, the entire new collection looks effortless, minimal and very chic. Very wearable too. 

Topshop Picks for Autumn 2014

16 September 2014

Welcome to my series of 'High Street Picks'. Each day this week I will be selecting my 'picks' from my favourite high street stores. Kicking it off with Topshop - every British girl's favourite. I grew up wearing Topshop, buying my first item at around 13 years old and 10+ years later, it's still my 'go-to' high street shop. From casuals to on-trend pieces, I never come out empty handed.

Herbal Essences #GetNaked

11 September 2014

In this day and age, being a girl is not easy. With constant pressure to look 'perfect' all the time, it's no wonder why our bathroom's are filled with a zillion beauty products. With so many 'steps' to achieve a 'perfect' look, it can be straining and not to mention, time consuming. After years of colouring, clamping and damage to my hair, it's time to let it #GetNaked. 
Herbal Essences is launching a new campaign and competition, encouraging everyone to go naked with their hair. Simply wash and go. So put away your straighteners, tongs and rollers and let your hair flow au natural.